Modlost Music: Purple Beauty

I was doing some guitar exercises when a picture came to my mind… at that moment, I just said: “Purple Beauty” and this melody started to flow!!! I was greatly surprised so I decided to publish it.


This recording was made with my BOSS RC-300 and POD HD500… A great combination!

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A few months ago, I was discussing about social media in business with some friends, when someone asked me: “Why you don’t have a Facebook or Google+ page for your blog?”. My honest answer was: “Because of my laziness”. I know that creating a page is too simple but the real challenge is to maintain it with content, so I was thinking about it for a few weeks before I created them, just as proof of concept.

socialAnd at the end of the last year, the proof of concept ended with a plan: I can maintain it with content that I find in the web and don’t require a blog post or article, I’m an avid reader so I always have something to share. So I invited you to join my Facebook & Google+ pages; you will find Software Development, Music and Photography content.

Happy hacking!!!

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Inspirational videos

A new year has come and, for sure, you have a lot dreams or ideas around your head. Maybe you have them for years without doing anything to make them real, but the 2013 could be different. Watch these videos and let your heart beat and begin this year motivated to do something.

Happy hacking!!!!

Steve Jobs – Stanford

Neil Gaiman – University of Arts

Randy Pausch – Achieving your childhood dreams

404, the story of a page not found

In this short talk, Renny Gleeson presents a different way to use the classic HTML 404 Error Page. He proposed to have friendlier messages in the web and also use them to capture users/clients interest. It is something to consider in the next web projects, isn’t it?.

Finally, he left this quote that could be useful when you are defining an HTML 404 Error Page.

A simple mistake can tell me what you aren’t. Or remind me why I love you


El poder de la felicidad

Durante los últimos años, he estado muy interesado en la felicidad porque hay mucha información que puedes aplicar en tu vida, es mejor probar algo que funcionó en otros que comenzar de cero. Además, probar cosas nuevas es emocionante porque aprendes sobre ti mismo. Por eso, siempre estoy buscando nueva información leyendo libros, artículos y papers; probando algunas ideas en mi vida y, algunas veces, escribiendo sobre lo que encuentro en mi website.

Esta vez, voy a compartirles sobre el libro  “The Power of Happiness: A Comprehensive Guide to Daily Joy and Well-Being” de Timothy McKinney. En mi opinión, es un excelente libro, con mucha información útil y aplicable en la vida. De seguro, después de leerlo, terminarás con muchos siguientes pasos y cosas para probar, como me pasó a mi.

Lo más importante que aprendí con el libro de Timothy es que la vida no se supone que sea fácil (Capítulo 11). Suena simple pero nunca pensé así. Por lo normal, asumía que no tuve suerte cuando sucedieron algunos eventos en mi vida, pero esa no es la verdad. ¡La vida no es fácil! Por eso, puedes disfrutar mejor el reto de vivir asumiendo que esta no será fácil.

También encontré una relación con el libro “Pragmatic Thinking & Learning” de Andy Hunt. Ambos comparten que puedes renovar tu cerebro (“Refactorizar tu wetware” in el libro de Andy). Así que si quieres ser más feliz debes re-enlazar tu cerebro cambiando tu actitud y teniendo pensamientos felices. De esa forma, tu cerebro mismo se re-enlazará para ser más feliz.

En conclusión, recomiendo este libro; es fácil de leer y no te detendrás porque toda la información es muy interesante y útil para tu vida.

[Click here to read english version]

The power of happiness

Over the last years, I’ve been interested in happiness because there is a lot of information that you can apply in your life, it is better to try something that works for others than starting from scratch. Furthermore, trying new things makes your life exciting because you learn new stuff about you. That’s why, I’m always looking for new information reading books, articles and papers; trying some ideas in my life and, sometimes, writing about what I found in my website.

This time, I’m going to share with you about the book “The Power of Happiness: A Comprehensive Guide to Daily Joy and Well-Being” by Timothy McKinney. In my opinion, it’s a great book with a lot of useful information that you can apply in your life. For sure, after reading it, you will end with a lot of next actions and things to try, like me.

The most important thing I learned from Timothy’s book is that life isn’t supposed to be easy (Chapter 11). It sounds simple but I’ve never thought of it that way. I used to assumed that I was unlucky when some events happened in my life but that’s not true. Life is not easy! So you can better enjoy the challenge of living assuming that it won’t be easy and also practicing non-attachment.

I also found a relationship with “Pragmatic Thinking & Learning” by Andy Hunt. Both agree that you can rewire your brain (“Refactoring your wetware” in Andy’s book). So if you want to be happier you should rewire your brain by changing your attitude and having happy thoughts. In such a way, your brain will rewire itself for happiness.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this book, it’s easy to read and you won’t stop because all the information is very interesting and useful for you life.

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